Eren Can Aybek, PhD

I am working as an associate professor in Pamukkale University, and I am also a member of Bogazici University Adaptive Test Lab (BounAdaptiveTestLab). I study on Item Response Theory and Computerized Adaptive Testing.


About Me

Eren Can Aybek, PhD

Senior Psychometrician | Associate Professor

I received my B.Sc degree in Physics Education department from Balıkesir University, Türkiye, in 2009. Then I received my M.Sc & Ph.D degrees in Educational Measurement and Evaluation department from Ankara University, Türkiye, in 2012 & 2016. I am currently associated professor in Pamukkale University, Denizli, Türkiye, and a researcher of BounAdaptiveTestLab since 2021. My research area mostly includes Computerized Adaptive Testing and Item Response Theory. I am also developer of a Shiny application, catIRT tools, that aims to help researchers to conduct CAT simulations and IRT calibrations.

  • Occupation:Pamukkale University
  • Degree:Doctorate


Test Development
Classical Test Theory
Item Response Theory
Computerized Adaptive Testing
Simulation Studies


IBM SPSS Statistics

Research Interests

  • Monte-Carlo Simulation Studies
  • Rotated Booklet Design [Multigroup IRT]
  • Psychometric Software Development
  • CAT Development & Management
  • Test Development

Personal Interests

  • Metal Music
  • Fantasy Fiction
  • Gaming
  • Homebrewing
  • Buying domain names that I never project


  • 2012 - 2016

    Ankara University

  • 2009 - 2012

    Ankara University

    Masters Degree
  • 2004 - 2009

    Balikesir University

    Bachelor Degree


  • 2021 - Now

    Pamukkale University

    Associate Professor
  • 2017 - 2021

    Pamukkale University

    Assistant Professor
  • 2010 - 2017

    Eskisehir Osmangazi University

    Research Assistant

My Selected Publications

  • 2022

    Arikan & Aybek

    A Special Case of Brennan's Index for Tests that Aim to Select a Limited Number of Students: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study.

  • 2022

    Celen & Aybek

    A novel approach for calculating the item discrimination for Likert type of scales.

  • 2022

    Aybek & Toraman

    How many response categories are sufficient for Likert type scales? An empirical study based on the Item Response Theory

  • 2022

    Kula Kartal, Aybek & Yasar

    Investigating the Wording Effect in Scales Based on the Different Dimension Reduction Techniques

  • 2021


    catIRT tools: A "Shiny" Application for Item Response Theory Calibration and Computerized Adaptive Testing Simulation

  • 2017

    Aybek & Demirtasli

    Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT) Applications and Item Response Theory Models for Polytomous Items


  • 30+

    Peer-reviewed Articles
  • 35+

    Conference Papers
  • 10+

    Research Projects



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